I discovered my passion for  art when I was in high school. I took a beginners art class and was moved into an honors class the following year. I loved it! I considered art school but had other interests as well and ended up pursuing  a career in education. I earned a BA in Child Development and spent 8 years working in the field. First   as a Behavior Therapist, and most recently as a Montessori Teaching Assistant. However, due to the pandemic, I made a decision to leave my position to help care for my children as they navigated distance learning.   This led me back to art. 

 I am a self taught fluid  artist who enjoys mixing paints exploring new techniques. I use art to express my current moods and find that I get lost in the moment when creating new work. I love the chaotic and mysterious nature of fluid art and am always mesmerized as each piece reveals itself on the canvas. I hope to make my art as accessible as possible as i believe  art has the power to help a person express themselves and share  beauty with the world.